Written by: | Intuitive Co-Active Coach

Mar 17, 2021

One of the greatest soulful steps forward

It was in the summer of 2020 that I lived into a dream I had for many years, and that was to host my first Retreat in Golden, BC. My heart was set on it, but little did I know that the pandemic would hit, fear would strike, and I would be walking a soulful journey alone.

The emotional tides that rolled through me ranged from feeling joy & excitement for my time away into a sacred land I adore versus the dips and having to remind myself that this was the lone journey intended for me. I could choose to either surrender and accept what is OR resist and fight it. In all honesty it was an interweaving of both. Yet I gladly made the conscious choice to come back to love again and again.

Even before my arrival, I wondered where the days would lead me, especially if I allowed my intuition to guide the way thorough the wilderness. I was open to ideas on making the most of my time and somehow applying it to my business. Then something dawned on me, “I should allow the Spirit of my Business to Guide me.”

It was the year before I had already integrated a process of connecting with my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a life changing way, but that’s a story for another time.

To provide you with a better understanding of where I’m coming from, as a Co-Active Coach there is something called The Coaching Power Triangle. This is where both the coach and client have equal yet different roles that work together for the benefit of the coachee. This relationship empowers the client to take charge of their lives and the choices they make, so it is about the power of their experiences made possible from the relationship.

So I jumped ahead and applied it where I am the coachee, and the Spirit of my Business is the coach leading me through my intuition, nature and the synchronicities around me. This was a way to consciously connect with what’s specifically meant to come through me, with my unique gifts, to be created for the world. Because what I know, thinking about it is not going to get me the answers I seek. So since I was on a retreat, on my own, I took it as the perfect timing to go deeper into my own process.

What I found ….. I had the tools within me all along! Ha!

For the duration of the Golden Retreat, I would create a loose plan of where I wanted to go, prepare, then go hike, listening to my intuition, and follow all inspired actions! Simple right? Well it wasn’t quite that easy, I used the framework of my process and guided myself through a hike each day to new and exciting places.

Each day was a new adventure with such richness and delight in growth and overcoming deep rooted fears. I had to coach myself through many situations, such as the first short 4 km hike, that I had to motivate and pump myself up for. It was scary to hike a long distance alone! On an empty trail, that started at a deserted camp site, that turned eerie pretty quickly. Especially since my intuition kept me on a the path, in a very strict way I’ve never experienced. I wondered why? Maybe it was a bear, or something more horrible? ..that I just won’t name, but it wasn’t until I came across a massive sign that said “KEEP TO THE PATH!” that I quite literally laughed out loud with relief at both the absurd imagination I have and also at how highly attuned my intuition works.

What I can tell you, the 4 days in the BC wilderness was one of the most incredible journey’s of my lifetime! ..and even though all these memories and all the excitement lives solely inside of me, reflecting on them sparks such love, joy and aliveness. I suppose we all feel that in some way, a deep profound connection and yet no one else can quite grasp it’s meaning as we can. That’s what drives me in everything I do! To create or inspire those moments for myself, for my clients and anyone I come in contact with.

It is from the foundation of who I am, my experiences and the continual connection to my higher self that I support clients through coaching and now also leading SOULSTEP virtual nature walks. They are filled with the backbone of my process, so that you can experience your own peace, joy, release, spiritual awakenings, ah ha moments and anything in between. I look forward to sharing my gifts, and connecting with you.

Much Love,

~Tracy Griffiths