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Hi, I’m Tracy, great to meet you!

If you’re like me, you Know when you KNOW!!!
Everything in you shimmers inside with a deep and magical alignment that has you overflowing with joy.

Some call it the body chill, OR maybe it’s like a warm blanket of celestial unconditional love, OR better yet it’s you standing in your power.

And you just Know, This Was Meant for you!

You’ve been waiting for this moment, this one thing.

You’ve been to multiple spiritual events; mind, body workshops, and through a ton of business courses, and now it’s time to bring all your wisdom together in a way that makes sense for you so you become a thriving success in every area of life.

You will know you are on point when the synchronicities appear, and the signs appear, and you take action from the intuitive messages you receive. Ultimately you will live in a state of ease and flow, where you are walking your divine purpose with health, wealth, and abundant support.

I see and sense the synchronicities beyond your knowing, and will support you to integrate your spiritual experiences into a language you can understand and can then integrate into your everyday life.

Together we will decode the mysteries of your sacred soul messages. Identifying what gets you off track, then utilizing your available resources on how to manage the detours so that you can make empowered decisions & move forward with 100% certainty, belief and confidence.

You will align with your sacred soul map for your body, mind, heart, and soul to integrate so you KNOW what practical steps you need to take daily.

You will live a life of passion and purpose while also receiving the monetary gains that are your Divine Inheritance to Claim!

My Full Story

Like you, I also felt frustrated by living a continuous and painful cycle of the same situations showing up. 

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I felt I was falling backwards into an old pattern. I found myself repeating an old story with the same sort of person or situation with similar results. I was left feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and spinning in my mind. I struggled to figure out what I needed to learn, how I needed to be, or how to do things differently.  

Quite frankly, I got so fed up and that’s when I reached out for guidance and support. My life needed to change and I was ready to do what it took so I wasn’t living in pain and suffering. From that point in time back in 2010, I spent hours upon hours working through, figuring things out, and taking part in release ceremonies. 

I’ve worked with incredible energy healers, shaman, coaches, and elders.  I joined a Reiki group and earned my level II training; I learned how to connect with my intuition more deeply and developed by psychic abilities.  I learned Trilotherapy – a Zen method of therapy to support a new understanding of the world.  I also learned about Feng Shui, and the energetic foundation of Chinese medicine, and how the elements play into our every day through the season of our lives.  There was a multitude of programs, events, and workshops through native teachings and other sources that I welcomed into my life all with the hopes of finding the answers to help me stop spinning in these cycles.  

As I developed my skills as a highly intuitive being, I began to easily take in complex ideas, find all the synchronistic connections, and from there articulate a simplified understanding that landed within groups with such energetic presence that everyone felt and understood at such depths.  

What I know now is I bridge an understanding of our human experience with the energetic realm. My unique gifts have revealed themselves to me and keep unfolding.  I have a way of communicating with passed loved ones, with the land and animals, receiving messages from dreams and other synchronistic events specifically for clients before their session. With all this, I am able to know at the moment what is best for your healing and evolution for you and a group so that you can better serve with your gifts on the planet.  

It was when I stopped searching, that my own process found me. 

It was shown to me how I lead every client through a specific process, whether that’s as a group in nature, or in a private client session.  It has become my foundation to guide me personally through any situation.  With it I can show up as my best for my clients and also guide them along the same path knowing they will receive exactly what they need.  

The wonderful thing about my process is everything I learned can be fit into it and I pull from my resources as I need them.  And this is what I want for YOU!  

I want you to experience how easily you can tap into the energy of what’s needed in the moment; to trust yourself, your intuition, your higher-power, and most of all trust life and the life situations you find yourself in.  

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Client Love

Client testimonials from great people who experienced a shift or transformation in their life while working with me. My clients’ successful moments are the reason I love what I do!

Tracy is such an amazing Coach. She has a beautiful, calm energy that sets her clients at ease. Her superpower is using powerful questions to go deeper into what moves you. She elevates her clients to their greatest potential by bringing a unique spiritual energy to her sessions. Don’t be fooled by Tracy’s calm demeanour, she has an intense fire inside that will ignite your biggest dreams!

Joey Crampton


I just had a session with my coach Tracy and chose to finally open up regarding a topic that has been weighing heavily on me. I built trust with Tracy over a few sessions and really felt at ease to be able to speak about this sensitive and rather vulnerable aspect of my life. In fact, l have been feeling so alone unable to share or seek any help and advice among those close to me because l feel that they would have their own agenda for me.

I feel so relieved and glad that l did bring this up to my coach, she held space for me and held me with so much compassion. She was attentive and present with me every step of the way. She was curious in trying to find the root of the issue without asking any personal questions nor holding an agenda for the topic. I felt a split when it came to my topic, and Tracy helped me find the realisation for integration. She allowed me to tap into my feelings in a safe space, and to find the answers l was looking for. I had several aha moments during our session, and she was so intuitive, she even helped me find a powerful affirmation to assist with the integration.

Thank you, Tracy, l feel lighter, l feel a load off my chest, and l don’t feel alone in this anymore. Truly a powerful compassionate coach.



Each season can guide you intuitively to live the life you have been invited to lead.

– Tracy Griffiths




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