you are a soulful business woman

seeking to overcome overwhelm

revitalize your energy and thrive

Are you suffering in silence, carrying the weight of multiple Big Life & Business Decisions?

Do you feel undervalued, misunderstood & disappointed by others lack of contribution? 

Maybe you feel yourself holding back & want more, but not sure how to get it.

I hear you! 

You are tired of living in the same continuous loop of struggle and are ready to address an old pattern, enough is enough!

Whether its strained relationships with family or co-workers, physical body pain that progresses as a result of not speaking your truth, or even deep-seeded soul challenges you’ve blocked from your conscious mind. 

Whatever you find yourself at odds with, I am here to give you peace of mind.  There is a way out, and it will take a commitment on your part.

Rest assured, I have your back and will take a stand to see you through to a thriving & joyful life.

Lack of Emotional Support

sabotages your wellbeing


Causes Physical pain & disease


mental overwhelm and anxiety


...and everyday feels physically draining

Mother Nature is our greatest gift to guide us back home to our truest sense of self. 

Breakaway from the negative drains in your life and into a natural setting with Coach Tracy, for a soul awakening experience.  

“I would love to have a conversation to discover if we are a great fit and to answer any questions you may have.”

“It would be an honour to support you.”  ~Tracy 

Are You Ready To Make The Shift?


Book a call to receive emotional relief now and to discover if what I have to offer is soulfully aligned for your  current journey.


We work together to uncover your unique process that naturally supports your holistic health.


Enjoy YOUR renewed life filled with joy, peace, and harmony for you, your loved ones and work team!

Feel Peace
Within Your…

Heart' Mind' &Body

Work With An Experienced Guide…

To light the way


to stay focused

Your spirit is calling you into the unknown. You long to be seen' heard' and understood.

Book A Call

Your Guide & certified life Coach

Hi!  I’m Tracy,

great to meet you! 

I coach soulful business women into self mastery through improved holistic health emotionally & spiritually so that they feel infinite love daily. 

What I see too often are sensitive souls who struggle to stay on top of their personal well-being because they are pouring so much love and support to everyone else but themselves, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe that our inner world and how we treat ourselves creates the story of our lives and what shows up in reality.

I believe that Quantum Leaping & Healing our lives and breaking free from old patterns is possible.

I believe that through Validation, Acceptance, Support, and Encouragement everything is made possible.

I will support you to release the overwhelm & pressure, open to receive your hearts whispers, reconnect to what sparks your joy,  and hold the vision of your harmonious and best life yet!  

Client Love

Client testimonials from great people who experienced a shift or transformation in their life while working with me. My clients’ successful moments are the reason I love what I do!

“Tracy is an incredibly intuitive coach. She has a gift for bringing people into a deep awareness of themselves, from which place it is inevitable to move to a new way of being. I will never forget the very first session I had with her. It was a life-changing, powerful experience that propelled me forward into new territory, from a place that I had previously not been able to move from. I was stuck for years, but Tracy held me with such gentleness in a place of love and compassion, that I was able to open my heart, take a leap of faith and dare to embrace a new way of being.”


Professional Life and Leadership Coach

“Thank you again for this opportunity to join you on this walk Tracy. I felt connected and held by the group even though I was alone on my walk. The feeling of being connected to nature was enhanced by your structure and words.”

Joey Crampton

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Chartered Professional Accountant

“I spend all week in front of a computer, it was such a joy to connect virtually outside and be in the sunlight! I was able to take a step back from my worries, get a bigger perspective, and tap into my intuition to create a new approach to something that has been weighing on me. And, I love that it was 30-minutes to help me refocus and get me back to my Saturday morning!”

Carrie Nicole

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

~ Albert Einstein

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Our Community Manifesto

You are a Brave Goddess, who sees the world of Truth.

A world of Abundant Unconditional Love.

Allow yourself to be Revitalized by the physical And non-physical beings that lovingly Support you.

See yourself moving Intuitively and Joyously Through your days spreading Benevolence.

Following your guidance to Inspired Action with the Intention to Empower yourself and those around you.

Together we will rise to our Greatness and truly Experience The Gift and beauty of who WE ARE!